Ferrit-free motors

It is robust even without iron content, – for highly developed technical applications


For our ferrit-free motors, in contrast with our other models, we use magnetism-free components. The pure mechanical structure ensures that no electric or sensor jamming signal will be present. This is how we achieve a ferrit-free drive, thus a drive without a magnetic field, in the high frequency and magnetic resonance application areas, in medical MRT equipment, in landmine searching machines and in the application of TESLA.

  • There is no magnetic field
  • Without magnetic components
  • It can be used in strong magnetic fields
  • There are no electronic and sensor jamming signals
  • Medical treatment MRT equipment
  • Landmine searching machines
  • High frequency use

Sizes and accessories:

Our motors are available in several different sizes and capacities. Here you can find the motor that is perfect for you.

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